666 iceland Challenge

Arnaud De Meester — Ultratriathlon




666 iceland Challenge

Arnaud De Meester — Ultratriathlon



The Challenge

28/06/2017 - 30/06/2017 — Vesturland, Iceland


The 666 Challenge is a unique challenge created by the ultra triathlete Arnaud de Meester in 2016. It consists in a 666 km triathlon taking place in different locations around the world. The 2016 edition was through Belgium and the Netherlands and the 2017 editions will be taking place in Iceland. 

6 km Swim • 600 km Bike • 60 km Run



Some reflexion from Roger Cremer  

Half Ironman World Champion 2015

As if 6 km swimming was not enough.... Arnaud want to swim them in a water close to 10°C.  As if 600 km biking was not enough... Arnaud want to ride his bike in Island, on roads that will significantly go up after the first 400 km.

So when he will have spent all his stocked energy, when all his muscles will hurt, even the one he didn't know about. Only then, he will have to start running his last 60 km. There is only one word to describe this challenge : Superhuman

Dear Arnaud, I wish you to accomplish this challenge in the wonderful country and the magical landscapes that you will go through. 

During your journey, do never forget all the good moments we have had together swimming side by side, just like dolphins, in the beautiful Robertville's lake. 

See you soon, my friend,


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